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Corporate Social Responsibility

The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) describes companies’ voluntary observation of social and ecological responsibility. The public, clients and also investors expect responsible behaviour and sustainable solutions. Therefore, CSR is now a cornerstone of good management practice.

PRO Finance GmbH has also explicitly committed itself to behaving in a fair and ethical manner over and above the existing laws, through its membership of the Assembly of Honourable Merchants - Hamburg (EEK).

The Assembly of Honourable Merchants - Hamburg (EEK) is the largest ethical business association in Germany with a tradition going back to 1517. It currently has around 1,050 members, who are entrepreneurs or key figures in the economy of Hamburg. We want to follow the principle of behaving like honourable businesspeople in our companies – and promote  these principles both in economic circles and wider society.

As a long standing member I stand for these principles: a handshake seals it.

As far as our charitable social engagement is concerned, PRO Finance Gmbh supports the German Child Protection Agency

Together for the future of all children

The German Child Protection Agency protects children from violence, child poverty, and promotes the implementation of children's rights in Germany. We want to have a child-friendly company that promotes the spiritual, psychological, social, and physical development of children and young people. Children should be included in all decisions, plans, and measures that impact them.

The German Child Protection Agency was established in 1953 in Hamburg and is entered in the association register of Berlin-Charlottenburg. Around 50,000 individual members are currently involved in the child protection agency, making up the basis of the largest Child Protection Association in Germany. 

As a member, PRO Finance GmbH supports the German Child Protection Agency by means of financial support as well as voluntarily supporting young people in finding vocational training. 

Join us in our support!