The future has already begun – how about in your financial management?

Take advantage of the latest research in innovation management and digital finance

Innovation Management Digital Finance

Successful Interim Managers and Project Managers can give companies a new burst of energy. They drive change and innovation processes and implement these successfully. Companies are supported in recognising and efficiently exploiting their own potential.

Interim Management was traditionally thought of as the filling of vacancies in the case of loss of a manager. Today there are numerous deployment opportunities for Interim Managers in the area of finance. In the coming years, digitisation will present companies with significant challenges. But how does this development impact the financial sector? How should managers in companies prepare themselves for a new role as Chief Financial Officer or Head of Finance & Controlling and the changing of systems, working methods

and team requirements? These are hot topics. The PRO Finance GmbH supports your company with research, analysis in the context of a current doctoral course of study at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham (UK) in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences with a special focus on SMEs, Bielefeld, and the corresponding implementation in the area of Finance Innovation Management and Digital Finance by means of corresponding expertise and findings.

As managing director of PRO Finance GmbH I have, alongside my professional commitments, been undertaking an international doctoral studies programme (doctorate) at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK, since 2014. I have been working in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences with a special focus on SMEs (FHM) in Bielefeld. I expect to complete the programme by 2017.

The University of Gloucestershire Business School is a faculty of the reputable University of Gloucestershire, headquartered in Cheltenham, Southwestern England. It is one of the most popular universities in Great Britain. A total of almost 10,000 students study here – approximately 2,700 in the business school. 

With its accredited bachelor, master, and MBA study offerings, the doctoral programme at the private University of Applied Sciences with a special focus on SMEs (FHM) equips specialist professionals and managers with business management expertise for working in SMEs.

The programme distinguishes itself in that it is an application-oriented doctoral studies programme focused on industry requirements. The programme investigates the demanding research questions of Innovation Management and Digital Finance and the participants systematically develop their ability to apply what they learn in the operational business environment.

Doctoral studies programme standard period of study

18 monthat least 18 month
Module 1: Reflective Professional Development 
Module 2: Literature Review Methods
Module 3: Methodological Foundations
Module 4: Research Methods and Analytics
Doctoral thesis
with final defence of the thesis

As managing director of the PRO Finance GmbH and active Interim Manager, Project Manager and Consultant specialising in the consumer goods and trade sectors, I have made a conscious decision to pursue a research topic in the area of Innovation Management and Digital Finance. Both companies as well as Interim Managers and Project Managers in the financial industry can profit and obtain new expertise and findings from the impressive innovative capabilities in this area. This also best prepares them for the changes and can result in a substantial competitive advantage. I am grateful for the opportunity to make this special expertise and transfer of knowledge available to you.

Please contact us if you are interested in the findings of the research in the area of Innovation Management and Digital Finance.