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Interim Management

Interim Management was traditionally thought of as the filling of vacancies in the case of loss of a manager. Today there are numerous deployment opportunities for Interim Managers. What they all have in common is their availability at short notice and the preference, to bring in precisely those experiences and problem-solving expertise that is required for the task of the client. Any company can take advantage of this.

We offer you my expertise and experience as Interim Manager in the area of finance, while we take over management duties for your company in the following interim positions:

  • Managing Director, Finance
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Head of Commercial Operations
  • Head of Finance and Accounting & Controlling
  • Head of IT Management

In addition for companies in exceptional situations, we take responsibility for the function of:

  • Chief Performance Officer / Performance Manager for sustainable improvement in results
  • Chief Restructuring Officer for restructuring operations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Post Merger Integration Manager 
  • All commercial management functions in domestic and foreign subsidiaries in the context of the internationalisation or development of companies

You can be assured of our complete engagement when it comes to interim management in the area of finance.