Goals exactly in mind

Doing the right thing – take advantage of what we have to offer.


As (Interim) Chief Financial Officer / Head of Finance & Controlling as well as IT Project Manager, I offer the following benefits to your company:

Rapid problem solving

As Interim Manager, I am available to your company without lengthy waiting periods. Should I already be involved in an engagement, I have a very good network of top-class and very experienced Interim Manager contacts who would be willing to help.

Outstanding expertise

As Interim Manager, I am an experienced manager with many years of proven management and implementation expertise. I focus on tasks and projects that I have already managed successfully on multiple occasions in the past. I am therefore able to master business challenges and complex problems very efficiently and with above average results.

Additional experience

As Interim Manager I bring to the table the best possible special expertise as well as sound experience for the task at hand. When it comes to finance, I specialize in companies operating in the consumer goods and trade sectors. The importing of additional expertise in the area of Innovation Management for your company are further positive effects linked to my deployment.

Clear results orientation

As Interim Manager I act in a purely entrepreneurial manner. I have no interest in status or power. I simply focus on achieving the agreed goals. My independence from career politics ensures the rapid and expert implementation of the objectively best solution for your company.

High level of flexibility / effectiveness

As Interim Manager, my deployment at your company is for a limited time period. Once the task is completed or the project is up and running, I hand over the leadership to the employees of your company. As client you only pay for the man days effectively provided without any subsequent costs – or you accept my offer of a fully performance based compensation model. In this manner, Interim Management makes it possible for you as a company to respond to short-term management requirements in a rapid, flexible, and efficient manner.

You can take me at my word!